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John Evans' Contemporary wood and bronze sculpture... exhibited and sold in art museums and galleries across the United States for residential and corporate environments. A native of Ohio, Evans received degrees from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio, BFA, where he studied under his friend and internationally recognized sculptor David Hostetler, and The Instituto Allende, University of Guanajuato, Mexico, MFA in sculpture.

Evans is a full time sculptor of over thirty years. His main studios are located just outside of Granville, in what were originally the outbuildings which surround his mid-19th century Italianate country home.  Now residing in Nantucket, Massachusetts

 he is working there, in Ohio, Italy and most recently in Florida on a series of paintings.  John's unique hand carved wood and cast bronze sculptures embody the ideas and influences of his lifelong interest in the visual arts. Henry Moore, Constantine Brancusi, Clement Meadmore, David Smith, and Alberto Giacometti, are all influences to the "Evans style". From these traditional foundations emerges a new and unique style of his own, connecting the past with the future.  Romantic and emotional, his sculptures don't represent mere static objects to ponder, rather they are evidence of a journey or exploration in which the viewer must discover. Whether the natural grain and texture of the wood or the polished and patina glow of the bronze, each is skillfully designed to create a visually aesthetic and thought provoking image that won't disappoint.

"Evans' sculptures have superb visual appeal. They play in space and with space with an exquisite sense of positive and negative volumes, which give them authority."                                                                                            

                                                                                                                                                                         --- Jacqueline Hall, art critic.

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